I am a photographer based out of New York City.  I was born here in 1983.  I still work exclusively with film capture in large and medium format sizes — but mostly large format.  Why?


The large format camera, requiring the use of a tripod and a slower working process is my chosen format.  With large format, one loses the ability to capture action, or what Henri Cartier-Bresson termed “the decisive moment.”  In contrast, the large format landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky coined the term “the contemplated moment” to describe the slower process with his 4×5 and 8×10 view cameras.  I think Burtynsky’s phrase is a good start in attempting to describe the analytical process involved. Because of the camera weight and numerous steps involved before exposing film, one learns to think in a state of accumulated photographic intentions.  That is, tending to do a lot of the compositional, conceptual and camera placement deliberations “in the mind’s eye”, as Ansel Adams would say, prior to photographing.  Naturally, one could use a smaller format camera with the same cautioned slowness of large format, but I would argue the inherent qualities of the latter’s output (large print sizes, color tonality, smoothness of grain) to be of greater benefit when working with the typical subject of a large format photographer — still landscapes portraits, and still life.
That said, I hope you’ll join along as I try to make this blog into a place where I can go a bit deeper into topics relating to my work.

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